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Cost To Get Car Seats Reupholstered

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Cost To Get Car Seats Reupholstered

What goes into reupholstering car seats?

Suppose you plan on hiring a professional to reupholster the seats of your vehicle. In that case, you will essentially be paying the automotive shop where they reupholster car seats for both the labour and materials for the job. 

The labour will include removing the current car upholstery, producing a cutting template or pattern, attaching foam and batting to any damaged areas and potential spring repair. 

The materials include the fabric that has been chosen to replace the existing seat upholstery, foam and batting as needed. 

Once all of that has been taken care of, the seats then need to be reupholstered with the selected fabric and the tools and supplies to hold the fabric in place.

This is just a fundamental rundown of what goes into the process of reupholstering car seats, but it can be considered labour intensive. 

They have to take the current upholstery off and then hog ring the new ones on and ensure that it is correctly in place and will not move over time.

If only one area needs repair, such as a cigarette burn, they will need to cut the length required from the matching fabric, then re foam the area if needed, and then stitch it in.

It will usually be one whole seat panel that needs redoing in this instance rather than just that small area.

When do you need to reupholster your car's seats?

Anyone can have their car seats reupholstered whenever they want to. It is a great way to upgrade your old vehicle interior and change your cars aesthetics if you are unhappy with the car's current upholstery. However, in most cases, people will have their vehicle reupholstered to repair damaged car seats.

The extent to which your car seats are damaged will factor into whether or not you will actually require a repair or a complete reupholster.

Say your seats have considerable chunks of foam missing, or the actual shape of your seat is disfigured, or there are multiple areas where the material is missing from your car seats.

In these cases, the most suitable option will be to have the seats completely reupholstered.

Whereas in instances where the damage is not considerable, such as a small tear, it will be far cheaper and easier to simply have seat covers put on your seats. 

Seat covers are significantly more affordable but can still provide a fresh new look and cover any damage. Seat covers will also cost less to have made with personalised colours or designs.

How much will it cost to have your car seats reupholstered or repaired?

There isn't a straight answer for pricing for a car seat reupholstery job, as every scenario is entirely different and has to be assessed individually.

If you are looking for an accurate cost for seat reupholstery tailored to your specific vehicle, rather than search online, it would be best for you to get in touch with a local automotive shop where they reupholster car seats for a more accurate quote by providing them with pictures, relevant car information such as the year, make, and model and elaboration on how damaged your seats are and what precisely you are wanting. 

Alternatively, you could simply take your vehicle to the shop location and allow them to have a look at the car interior and seat damage for a more realistic price.

Car reupholster cost factors.

Regarding vehicle reupholstery costs, pricing is usually bespoke to every car, as each project will have different requirements. Firstly, it would be beneficial to take a look at some of the average costs. The average car upholstery repair price in the UK is typically between £80 £90. 

However, if you want to have an entire car seat reupholstered, you can expect the cost to start at around £150 for a basic fabric material seat. 

This price could increase to about £500 depending on your circumstances and preferences.

Pricing will usually rely on a variety of factors such as the desired material, the number of car seats that you want to be reupholstered, which specific seats you want to be done, the make, model and size of your vehicle and on top of this any extra repairs or custom preferences.

The material that you decide upon and the upholsterer that you use for the job are both things that can drastically change the total price.

The material you want to use can significantly increase or reduce the final cost. For example, the fabric can cost around £10 to £80 a yard, while leather seats or other materials that are considered to be more luxurious or stain-resistant can cost you a bit more money.

Leather is considered a premium material, so you can expect the cost of car seats reupholstered in leather to reflect this. Ultimately, it is typically the most expensive material you can get your car reupholstered in.

If you would prefer to save on the cost of reupholstering your vehicle's seats in leather, you could always consider leather-look materials instead, such as vinyl.

The UK's prices for car seat re-upholstery will start at around £150 per seat for a standard fabric. The price for reupholstering based on a traditional design in leather look materials can cost from £300 per seat.

To get four car seats reupholstered in leather material, you are looking at the cost of around £1,250. Obviously, the more seats a vehicle has, the higher the reupholstering cost will be due to the larger amount of materials and more extended labour time.

The front seats of a vehicle are usually two separate seats, whereas the rear seats are typically joined as a bench seat.

Since back seats are a more prominent area, they can cost considerably more to reupholster. 

The reupholstering costs for front and back seats in a leather-look material can start from approximately £1200, depending on the materials and design preferences.

Re-upholstering prices for genuine leather car seats front and rear can start from around £1400 for a single block colour or £1600 for a custom colour scheme.

You can expect to pay around £1,000 for an ordinary car model. However, various factors can alter the final price, one of them being the size of your car.

It is easy to understand why the reupholstering of a tiny smart car would be significantly cheaper than reupholstering a large minivan due to the size of the seats and the number of seats within the vehicle.

The model of the car is another factor that can increase the final price for seat reupholstering. For example, an old classic car will be more challenging to reupholster, which in turn will mean a higher cost for the job.

Something else you will need to take into account when factoring into your overall cost is if your car seats are missing chunks of foam, are seriously damaged or stained, or require any additional repairs. 

There will, of course, be extra costs incurred for the price of materials and labour.

Fabric car seat repair prices for one panel will usually start from around £90. 

Genuine leather vehicle seat repair costs will be given individually after the repair has been assessed due to the price of automotive grade leather and the colour selection.

It will also cost you a considerable amount more if you want any particular kind of unique colour scheme or design.

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