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Should You Buy A Convertible Car

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  • 11-05-2022
Should You Buy A Convertible Car

Are you wondering : should you buy a convertible car? We look at the main considerations to think about before buying a convertible car.

What to Consider Before Buying a Modern Convertible

There are many aspects to consider when buying any new car, especially convertibles with hard or soft tops, such as the following:

Hardtop and soft top convertibles are highly stylish cars with a huge wow factor, and they aren't the most known for their practicality. So, one of the most important questions to ask yourself when purchasing one is will they work for your lifestyle and will it be useful many years in the future.

Consider the size; for example, the fitted rear seats are often designed for occasional use and therefore made too small, along with the boot that will regress, getting smaller once the roof is completely lowered, reducing the trunk space.

You want to consider how you may consider the ways you would load up your car with luggage when making a journey to the airport, groceries after a big shop or seasonal essentials like the Christmas tree, or even passengers. If you have a big household or are considering having one in the future, you'll want to consider whether this car will suffice during school trips or frequent trips with everyone inside. 

Before purchasing any car, we highly recommend that you carefully assess the area you live in. Some convertibles have fabric roofs that are prey for various thieves and vandals. The results of such damage to the roof causing chassis shudder is a costly insurance claim and replacements with prices running up to several thousands of pounds.

Fabric roofing is not an ideal structural support system in the winter or colder months, so if you wish to purchase a convertible car with this roof style, it's best to ensure they are garaged to escape the elements. Perform additional maintenance on your fabric roof as this will allow you to rid of and prevent moss and mould from growing and damaging the fixed roof.

For those concerned about the condition and security of the convertible roof, we encourage you to choose a folding metal roof model or perhaps a car with a Targa top model. Many of these types of cars have removable roofs without the issue of reducing the weight of the car. It will also rid any accusations of tin-top levelled portlines.

It's significant to remember that if you leave the roof of your convertible car open when parked, nothing of value should be left on display or within immediate sight, even phone cables. Many utilise their backseats as storage spaces; however, we encourage you to keep everything underneath the four seats when leaving your vehicle. 

Many convertibles are categorised as sports cars, meaning they aren't some of the cheapest cars on the market to keep up and running. It would be best to always be prepared for any insurance cost increases, as most convertibles are typically more appealing to potential thieves.

They have far fewer highway safety features and design mechanics, such as curtain airbags. Some may find that fuel economy can suffer when you own a convertible. Having the roof down whilst driving can increase the drag level, ultimately spoiling your car's aerodynamic quality. 

Soft-tops can often feel somewhat cramped and even cold, primarily due to their fabric roofs providing minimal soundproofing and insulation. You're constantly exposed and subject to the noise of the surrounding cars, weather and wind, especially on motorways when daily drivers are often driving at faster motorway speeds.

For those spending extended long hours driving behind the wheel, you'll want to ensure you take a more prolonged test drive of your vehicle to get more of a feel of how the driving experience will be on an average day. 

Factoring in all aspects, owning a convertible can be an exhilarating and fun experience for anyone on the open road. We highly recommend that all those weighing up the vital pros and cons do not hesitate to contact any local, experienced vehicle retail centre and ask for their advice on what may suit your requirements best.

Their showroom will likely have a wide range of brand-new or secondhand used convertibles in-store to observe, such as BMW 2-series, Z4 and 4-series; Mercedes SLC Class, SL Class and E Class models, alongside Audi's A5, A3 and TT. 

How much do convertible cars cost?

There are convertibles available on the UK market for all prices. You may find that the cheapest but newest vehicle available is the Fiat 500C, with its starting cost sitting at £15,920; however, it has fixed sides connected to the roof, making it less of a convertible and more like a car with a significant sunroof.

The starting cost of mini cooper convertible models is £20,830; many opt for this car because it offers a more open-air experience.  You may even opt to buy a secondhand convertible vehicle, as often this can offer you many more options.

High-quality Mazda MX-5s are found at around £1,000 whilst High-quality Citroën DS3, Peugeot 108 and C1 convertibles start at prices of £6,000; however, much like Fiat vehicles, they aren't regarded as true convertibles.

The Vauxhall Cascada is often found, if other than four or five years, priced at £10,000, alongside an MGB classic car. TVR Chimaera's or Griffith cars from the 1990s are a little higher in price but of similar quality. 

What Are The Benefits Of Soft Top Cars?

What are the best convertibles to buy?

When purchasing any convertible model, you'll likely want to scope out some of the best to see which is the most suitable for your requirements and budget.

Achieving a higher quality car can also be useful for those that wish to sell their vehicles in the future.

For example, the newest model of Mazda MX-5 offers its owners incredible miles-per-hour, simply unbeatable by any other convertible.

Another example is the RF model; it has incredible folding hardtops; however, if you wish to search for a vehicle with higher quality performance, you may want to look at the Porsche Boxster for its excellent build and handling qualities.

The BMW 2-series provides a particularly old design aesthetic; however, those in the field are looking to replace them so that you may receive a deal on one.

It offers fantastic and well-balanced handling and has a vast range of excellent engines and major parts. The most in-demand vehicles of this kind are classic convertibles.

Should You Buy A Convertible Car?

The ones rising in value are often the smartest buys, much like those made or designed in the 1970s or 80s, like the Mercedes SLs starting at prices of around £20,000.

A cheaper option, such as the Peugeot 205CTi Cabrio for approximately £4,500, is less than the GTi hardtop. The 944 Turbo Cabrio is priced at £20,000. Speak to a professional for advice on the model best suits your requirements and budget. 

What are the insurance implications of buying a convertible car?

Convertibles can often cost more to have insured by professionals, as they are the most sought after cars compared to coupes and sedan and therefore targeted more frequently by thieves. Some convertible models are far easier to break into than other cars on the road. However, the insurance costs will vary depending on the model you opt for and the insurers you seek out.

Any additional premium you may receive for a convertible car may not prove to add up to very much.  When comparing insurance quotes for a standard driver of coupé versions and convertible premium versions of the 2020 BMW 220i, you'll find that its convertible premium is only 35p more. So, if you wish to switch to a convertible car, it may not provide any significant cost difference. 

What are the safety concerns with driving a convertible?

A convertible structure tends to be reinforced due to its lack of complete roofing.

You'll find that there are few differences in basic safety compared to other vehicles and cars on the road, assuming you are properly belted in and following all necessary road safety codes.

Typically, a classic convertible, especially those designed around or slightly before the 1960s, often paid far less attention to safety in the way they were built.

Roll-over protection was primarily poor, and many car owners tended to add stout roll bars onto the backs of their seats to provide stability to compensate.

We highly recommend a good pair of sunglasses when taking the road in your convertible.

Many keep a pair in their car regardless of the model or make to shield them from the blinding sun on hot days in the summer.

However, in a convertible, it's a wise move to ensure you have sunglasses to shield your eyes from the raindrops and any dust in the air.

What Are The Safety Concerns With Driving A Convertible?

Numerous modern convertible cars have high-quality alarms that can sense when a person reaches into an open vehicle, ensuring those inside and their belongings are fully protected, with the roof up or down. Many car owners often say that they would prefer to have the roof down, as this makes it more obvious to potential thieves that nothing inside the car is worth stealing or that they have taken their valuables.

Thieves may damage the roof or windows by gaining entry, which could be a wiser option. The best thing to do is check your car insurance insititute details; in some cases, the car can only be covered if it was previously left 'secured' - with the roof on and locked. We recommend keeping the roof up when not in use as it can keep out wind-blown debris, litter and any deposits from birds and other neighbouring animals or pests. 

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