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Trim & Car Seat Upholstery Refurbishment Services

When you finally hire a professional to reupholster your car seats, you should make yourself aware that you will be paying the shop for their labour and materials. Various materials are used during the reupholstering and repair process, such as the fabrics chosen to replace the car upholstery alongside the batting and foam where necessary.

Our established premium treatment can give you a spotless clean! We can keep the status and age of the car intact and beautiful as new. The new and fresh interior will help to make your car's interior outstanding. We have worked with many prestigious car models. With over 50 years of experience, we can work on various car models such as Rolls Royce, Mercedes and Silver Ghosts.

Our upholstery services cover:


Full leather interior restoration

Head linings and car carpets restoration 

Vintage, classic and prestige restoration 

Custom trims 


Full interior trim repairs   

Seat door trims repaired 

Cigarette burns in seats repaired 


Cigarette burns in seats repaired 

Sunroofs and car hoods   

Embroidery, logos, design, stitch design and layout 

The labour included in the overall price is often the removal of the existing fabric. Doing so, they create a cutting pattern or template and proceed to add foam or batting to any damaged area of the seat. Professionals may even want to add or repair any springs. Once this is done, our team of technicians reupholster the chairs and secure them in place with all the necessary tools and supplies.

The labour can be pretty intensive. Professional technicians must take off the upholstery and hog ring on new ones and ensure they cannot move around over time and ruin the classic car's interior. 

There is a wide range of reasons why one wants to get their car seats reupholstered; one example is burnt marks from cigarettes, wear and tear or other factors. Many may wish to have these issues fixed to revive their vehicle. If one area needs repairing, professionals will cut the length required to match the fabrics. Next, they re-foam the whole panel area of the seat should it be necessary and then stitch it all together. 

Our Cleaning Process

01Cleaning the surface

Our team will clean every surface, and our care treatment can ensure the longevity of your car. Our experts have the skill to give you the complete interior cleaning facility, including roof, seats, floor, and side panels. In addition, we can makeover your dashboard, and our experts will clean and polish the plastic and glass parts of your car.

02 Vacuum the seats

Your seats get affected due to food particles and body sweat. Vacuuming can help you to remove these stains and dirt. In addition, we can clean in between the gap of the seats and the floor mats during our vacuuming services.

03 Cleaning the leather upholstery

Your skin's oil can damage the condition of the leather of your car; therefore, we will clean it one part at a time. Our business experts will take extra care regarding this and make your leather upholstery shinier and brighter, as per your preference.

Keep the interior of your car new

If your car seats, wheels and doors are damaged, then we can also repair them. Our service can offer complete makeover for your vehicles and improve the car upholstery, tears and all, and you need not go anywhere else. In addition, we can have your car interior restored just like new. 


Your car's interior can make a typical journey feel luxurious. If your classic vehicles worn out or damaged seating and trim, it may be time to change the car upholstery. By revitalising the interior of your car, you can restore the beauty of your favourite vehicle. When repairs aren't going to cut it, we offer all types of hood replacements and other parts that will enhance the look of your car and have it looking just like it did when you bought it. 

Our morning journey affects our mood for the rest of the day. We all want to have a calm relaxing ride in a vehicle that feels great to drive. We already have to deal with heavy traffic and pollution on UK roads, but the one thing that you can control is your comfort.

Cleaning Kits

Have you been looking for aftermarket trim and upholstery interior restoration kits? We have them here for your classic MGA, Austin Healey, Triumph, and even your classic Jaguar. 

We also use the foam cleaning solution to clean the seats. We remove all kinds of greasy residue and ensure the preservation of paints and plastic finish. Change the look, shine and durability of your car.

Interior Trim Restoration

Classic Car Upholstery provide various services for specialist classic cars interior trimming. Our company team of specialists offer re-trim for all classic and modern cars of any interior materials; as leather specialists, our professionals can provide services for all areas and sometimes don't always have to do full re-trims on the entire interior.

We have highly skilled and talented company professionals that will custom match all panels and seats to allow them to blend in perfectly with the rest of the vinyl, leather hide or leather interior in your vehicle. 

Our expertise in the field can quicken the process, and we can help you save time, money and retain the aesthetic and overall authenticity of your classic car or vehicle. In addition, our team are capable of both large and small repairs of any kind. 

Leather Interior Refurbishment 

We specialise in car interior re-trimming services of the highest quality standard and much attention to detail. We ensure a total focus on our customers' requirements to provide a service you will be happy with and sing praises of. 

Whether you wish for a brand new custom interior for your modern vehicle or if you desire a first-class level leather seat restoration and retrim of a classic car interior. We pay close attention to the traditional to bring you all the original condition, character and authenticity it once had with our retrim and restoration. Our upholsterers and restore technicians aim to deliver you the highest standards of quality and service.

Our professionals have harnessed numerous processes, materials, gear and leading products for car interiors over several decades and garnered years of experience. 

All our work comes with a guarantee that our local, loyal customers can receive plenty of peace of mind through our furniture refurbishments. So whether you've found food stains, drink spills, scuffs or tears, colour loss or fading or your kids have damaged the leather interior by pulling or tugging on it. Our professional technicians are always happy to repair your leather at any of our national or local factories. 

It doesn't matter if your car is a 1935 Alvis vintage car or a brand new Lotus LF1. We pride ourselves that our top-quality experts use their years of knowledge in worldwide leather repair products, restoration and vehicle care for all your cars to give you the best experience. We've always got you covered!