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Convertible Roof & Soft Top Services

We have been serving the clients who need professional assistance with the soft top since 1981. With an ample amount of experience, we fit and supply car hoods for various types of soft-top convertibles. Since the time we have entered into the market, a variety of car hood firms have entered the business. However, by offering top quality of services, we beat the competitive edge and stand ahead in the crowd which has given us experience in offering unique hood restoration services for more than fifteen years. 

We take pride in delivering convertible cars back to our clients looking as good as new. Our clients are amazed by the soft top we develop that is bespoke for your beloved car. They agree to the fact that we stand out of the ordinary in offering best in class car hood services.

Soft-Top Replacement

We understand our customers and the passion they have for their classic cars. This is why we have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who give their utmost dedication to enhance the elegance of your vehicle. When the soft top of your vehicle becomes worn or damaged, the quality of the hood deteriorates. Therefore, we have many customers who have benefitted from our soft top replacement services. We offer a hood replacement to match the original style and materials of your vintage vehicle. 

Our services include:

Protecting and restoring a convertible car hood

Removal of lichen and mould

Replacing the hydrophobic coating

Convertible Hood Restoration and Cleaning

If you think that the convertible hoods have not been cleaned or maintained correctly for a prolonged time, you can choose our restoration services. Without maintenance, the hood might get covered in:


Green Algae



As they are exposed to such elements, the chances of deterioration of the fabric become higher. If a soft top isn't maintained properly, the rotting process will start, which results in functional and water leakage problems. 

Generally, cabriolet hoods tend to fade quickly and are hard to clean. They are known to attract moss and mould, whereas the plastic rear windows, that are fitted on the cabriolet vehicles, tend to scratch easily.

Without the required protection, a car hood will not last for more than six to eight years. In this case,  you might need it replacing immediately to avoid any further damage. If the restoration and recovery of the existing hood is not possible at all, you could be paying between £500 - £3000 for a replacement.

Please Note: These prices do not represent our company's prices and they may vary. If you would like more information and a quote for your vehicle please get in touch.

Fabric Hood Proofing and Weather Protection

We provide several convertible hood protection products. These products build invisible barriers, which are resistant to water and offer protection to the convertible/cabriolet hood. As these barriers are created, they ensure that no discolouration occurs due to road salts, bird droppings, tree sap, and ingrained dirt.

The hood protection products we develop have a unique developed formula which comprises of UV inhibitors and agents that prevent the growth of mould. It enhances the durability of the soft top and maintains the value of your vehicle at the same time.

For more information about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.