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What Are The Benefits Of Soft Top Cars

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  • 25-05-2022
What Are The Benefits Of Soft Top Cars

Are you considering the benefits of soft top cars? We look at the pros and cons of buying a soft top car to help you decide if its the right choice for you.

Should You Buy A Soft Top Car?

For those considering a classic or modern convertible for their next new car model, you may be struggling to decide whether you should opt for a soft-top or hardtop convertible roof.  Upon first glance, these two elements seem comparable, as they equally provide the option for open-air motoring with additional protection from the harsh weather and outside elements.

However, when dissecting the two, it becomes increasingly evident that both types have their drawbacks and benefits.  Soft top convertibles are usually created using cloth or vinyl fabrics, making them much, far lighter than hardtops which are typically made from metals. They also provide the convertible owners with more straightforward mechanisms for opening and closing.

How Long Will a Convertible Top Last?

Generally, soft top roofs take up less boot space at the back of your car compared to hardtops, and they are less expensive; however, they also have many disadvantages to be aware of when making a decision. 

 Pros Of Buying A Convertible

There are many benefits to buying a convertible car, such as the following:

You can achieve better visibility inside a convertible car without the cover of roofing and door frames in the way of views and all areas around you. Many standard car owners may find that they can manoeuvre and park easier with the help of the wider radius the lack of roofing offers them with their top-down. 

Most convertibles available worldwide can generally be transformed into a sedan or couple with the very push of a button on a remote. Its incredible versatility allows owners to achieve the best of both worlds with a roof over their heads during harsh weather and enjoying the summer breeze in their hair in the warmer months. 

Many owners of convertibles and those that desire them often have a knack for the sporty, classic appearance of the specific models. If you're looking to impress your family and friends with your new ride, convertible cars could provide you with the wow factor you are searching for. 

If you are a particularly tall individual, you may already find it difficult to find a car that suits your height, so a convertible with the option of no hood/roof may be a wise decision, providing a comfortable solution to your problem.

 Cons Of Buying A Convertible

There are many cons to purchasing a convertible car model, including the following:

Cars can lose an extreme part of their support system regarding their structure if the roof is not fixed and up to standard, leading to something referred to as the chassis shudder. 

Any reinforcements or moving parts added to the convertibles undercarriage weight cannot always make up for the loss on the roof, which can later make your vehicle rough or provide a feeling of being less secure when driving over bumps or challenging terrain. 

Unlike coupes or sedans, convertibles of various models can be expensive, including costs such as £4,000 up to £7,200 and potentially more. However, if it suits your budget and you know that this car will be a wise investment for your future, the price may not necessarily be considered a con. 

The great thing about many cars and vehicles is their ability to be relatively soundproof, freeing you from noisy cars driving at fast speeds and any sounds of harsh weather. However, a significant downfall of convertibles is they can be noisy, especially those with soft-tops, even with the roof up on long drives. 

Roof materials have drastically improved; however, they have still have issues regarding their water intake, as many have struggled to keep water from harsh weather outside the vehicle. 

It matters not whether you choose to drive a soft-top or a hardtop convertible; snow, heavy rain and hailstorm could still leak through your roof. 

For a thief, convertible cars can be one of the most accessible vehicles to target due to their 'ragtop' that is quicker to break into than hardtops or reinforced metal sheets. 

If you live in or leave your car in a particularly unsafe area, you may wish to reconsider your vehicle choice to one they cannot gain access to. 

Exposing your car's interior to the hot summer regularly can often take its toll on the quality, and the same is said for convertibles. 

You may find that the dashboards, seats, and other surfaces in your car's interior have cracked or become visually damaged after multiple sunny days. 

Ensure you keep up frequent, proper maintenance to slow the development of sun damage. They also provide less trunk space, depending on the style you opt for. 

Are Convertibles Safe?

According to the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) in the UK, convertibles aren't the most likely cars to get into accidents and crashes compared to other vehicles. 

However, it is significant to be aware that a few convertible models are associated with crashes in the industry due to being more exposed to the elements than others.

You must have the correct auto-insurance coverage to stay safe when purchasing your dream sedan, convertible or any car you desire. The best way to assess the safety of different car types is to take a look at the car insurance they require before buying and getting the best deals. 

Which Is Best?

After thoroughly assessing the pros and cons of soft-top and hardtop convertible models, we have more of a preference for hardtops.

However, the style you opt for and the most suitable one will usually depend on the type of car you're looking at.  Soft top roofs can provide car owners with aesthetic quality.

Yet, it has less protection than those with metal roofing, making them more likely to experience elemental damage from harsh weather and debris over time.

When soft-top roofs receive any level of damage, especially in extreme cases, they can be incredibly challenging to have fixed without needing the entire roof replaced.

Unlike soft tops, hardtop roofing blends in a great deal better with the overall car instead of completely standing out.

Should You Buy A Convertible Car?

Hard convertible tops are made out of metal, which is more difficult to get dirty or stained than a fabric rooftop made of vinyl or cloth. Finally, the last reason we often steer in the path of hardtop roofs is that they provide superior road noise protection, which is ideal for those that frequently travel along high-speed open roads and motorways at long distances. 

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